Blue and Green Long Flared Dress

Blue and Green Long Flared Dress


When you think about the perfect color combinations, where does blue and green land on your list?

Size: Large (fits like a Size 14/16)

Length: 54 inches

Color/Description: This blue and green dress comes long below the knees with extra flare toward the bottom half of the dress. Dress has bold sleeves (with eloquent detail), a V-neck with white lining, white floral prints patterned throughout the dress on the front and back, along with plenty of room for comfort.

Materials: 100% Silk/Warm Wash/Hang to Dry

Styling Tip: Allow this dress to speak for itself with the bold pattern and color combination, but also consider styling this dress with an extra layer (such as a blazer) and/or a belt (as pictured). Other colors to consider styling this dress with are bold orange, mustard yellow, or red. Which color combination will you choose?

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