Retro Bold Patterned Mix Swirl Skirt

Retro Bold Patterned Mix Swirl Skirt


How many skirts do you own that have just as much or if not more bold pattern swirl?

Size: 20

Measurements: Length: 28 inches/Waist: 46 inch. (with stretch in back of skirt)

Color/Description: This bold pattern mix swirl skirt is definitely one for the records when it comes to the bold colors represented throughout this skirt, swirl pattern detail, stretchy waist represented in the back of the skirt, along with the zipper detail that is positioned in the back for closure.

Materials: 100% Silk. Dry Clean Only.

Styling Tip: Consider styling this skirt as pictured with one of the colors represented in the skirt such as bold pink, emerald green, or bold blue. Either color you choose, this skirt will look amazing! Don’t you agree?

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