Buttoned Up Green Dress

Buttoned Up Green Dress


The button detail along with the color of this dress, is definitely an attention grabber. In addition, there is a green belt that comes with the dress to compliment it.  

Size: 14P (also recommend size 14-16)

Length: 41 inches

Color/Description: Money green dress with band in waist, to create extra give. Detailed lining on material around neck and arms. Dress has gold buttons from head to toe and comes with a belt to match. 

Materials: Not listed, but recommended 100% Polyester/Dry Clean Only. 

Styling Tip: This dress can pretty much be worn all year around. Consider pairing with a blazer during Fall season. Colors may include leopard print, bright pink, or yellow. Depending on the belt you choose, would recommend changing out green belt for other colored pinks (depending on mood). Consider pairing with gold accessories. 

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