Dreamy City Loving Entire Outfit (includes Bold Red Purse)

Dreamy City Loving Entire Outfit (includes Bold Red Purse)


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Size: Top: 16/18/Skirt: 18W (Model is Size 18)

Measurements: Top: Length: 28 inch./Bust: 50 inch./Skirt: Length: 33.5 inch/Waist: 38 inch./Hips: 80 inch.

Colors/Description: Top: This bold statement top has a combination of a variety of colors that include red, green, blue, pink, and bold purple. The top is silk, comes long sleeves, and comes with layered details that add an extra layer of appeal to this overall look. Bottom: This bold polka dot cobalt blue skirt has bold statement polka dots sprinkled throughout the entirety of the skirt. As a note, there is a bold statement positioned on the side for closure. Compared to other skirts, this skirt comes full length with pleats layered throughout. Bonus: This skirt comes with pockets!

Styling Tip: Consider styling this entire outfits (as pictured) and/or consider styling each of these selections separately by styling with another selection. For the top, consider styling with a selection based on the colors represented in the top and with the skirt, consider styling with a bold colored and/or patterned top.

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