Gray & Speckled Black Dress

Gray & Speckled Black Dress


Isn't this dress just lovely? The long sleeves, ripples, and color combination of this just is what makes it. 

Size: 16

Length: 49.5 inches 

Color/Description: Black foundation with white flowers sprinkled throughout dress, to serve as a patterned look. Dress has a defined waist area, to show high definition in figure. Bottom half of dress has a pleaded appeal. Zipper is positioned at the back of the dress. 

Materials: 100% Polyester/Machine Wash Warm/Delicate Cycle/Tumble Dry Low/Cool Iron. 

Styling Tip: Allow dress to speak for itself. Would recommend pairing black heels with dress. Due to long length, would not recommend pairing knee high boots. Interchange black or silver earrings with dress (depending on your mood), or even pair colored earrings. Put some brightness to the look, but pairing a colored handbag with this look. 

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