Multi-Colored Fun Patterned Jacket

Multi-Colored Fun Patterned Jacket


When it comes to an array of colors in one piece, this is the jacket for you!

Size: Large

Length: 22 inches

Color/Description: From bold yellow to orange, this jacket includes a rainbow mix of colors. This jacket also includes internal shoulder pads, silk pink layering, two pockets positioned in the front, along with a detailed collar. Additionally, what’s truly unique about this jacket is the block pattern, multi-colored lining detail, along with the colorful buttons.

Materials: 80% Cotton/20% Man Made Fiber/Dry Clean Only.

Styling Tip: When styling, consider pairing with a pair of denim pants and/or bold color pants to highlight the colors represented throughout. For additional layering, consider pairing a bold necklace with this piece. Again, complimenting the colors throughout.

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