Multi-Striped Blouse

Multi-Striped Blouse


The pairing of colors in this blouse, speaks for itself! 

Size: Not listed, but would recommend Size XL 

Length: 27 inches 

Color/Description: A white collar with a hint of hunter green, tan, white, and light burgundy stripes highlighted throughout blouse. There is definition within the shoulder area, which gives a since of appeal to the overall impactful appearance to the blouse. Tan colored buttons outline the blouse from the top to the bottom along with arm area.

Materials: Not listed, but would recommend 100% Silky material/Warm wash only/Low Tumble. 

Styling Tip: Would recommend pairing with a pair of khaki nice slacks or dark burgundy, so that the blouse can make a statement for itself. Would also recommend pairing with a khaki or hunter green blazer. Additionally, think about tying a piece of white fabric around neck area, in order to create a statement bow tie. 

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