Pink and White Block Patterned Sweater

Pink and White Block Patterned Sweater


How many block patterned pink sweaters do you own, especially with so much emphasis on pink?

Size: XL

Length: 26 inches 

Color/Description: This pink block sweater is short sleeved, very light, and has blocks of pink shades detailed throughout. As a note, the block pattern is only represented on the front and not the back. The sweater itself comes waister length, depending on height.

Materials: 100% Polyester/Wash Warm/Tumble Dry Low.

Styling Tip: This sweater is very fun and can be worn all year around! If wearing during the Winter time, consider pairing a long sleeved blouse underneath. If wearing during the Spring time, no extra layers are recommended. Allow the sweater to be worn alone, because it sure does have a personality for itself.

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