Pink & Red Floral Dress

Pink & Red Floral Dress


Bring out the red, pink, and white floral dress, please! 

Size: 14

Length: 41.5 inches

Color/Description: This bold colored dress speaks volumes with shades of bold red, light pink, white, and black imprinted into the pattern throughout the dress. Dress is sleeveless with plenty of wiggle room at both the top and bottom. 

Materials: Dress includes 97% cotton/3% spandex lining/100% acetate. Dry clean only. 

Styling Tip: This dress can be worn throughout any season of the year, including the Winter months. For Winter, consider wearing black tights and pairing with a red or pink blazer. For both Spring and Summer months, would recommend wearing sleeveless and allowing dress to speak for itself. Go simple with earrings and consider sporting a pair of pearls. 

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