Sunflower Embroidered Linen Blazer

Sunflower Embroidered Linen Blazer


What’s your favorite flower? How about the sunflower? This sunflower embroidered blazer will turn those cloudy days into sunny ones!

Size: 14

Length: 24.5 inches

Color/Description: This sunflower embroidered linen blazer is mustard yellow with significant button detail for closure and also has sunflower embroidery detail along the waist area. This line blazer also has long sleeves with internal shoulder pads.

Materials: 100% Linen/Not listed, but recommended Dry Clean Only

Styling Tip: This detailed blazer can be taken from day to night. For a casual look, pair with a striped shirt or solid colored shirt (as pictured) along with a pair of jeans. For more of a formal look, pair this blazer with a crisp white blouse (to allow blazer to speak for itself), along with a pair of nice slacks (solid, striped, or polka dot patterned).

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