Tropical Inspired Floral Shorts

Tropical Inspired Floral Shorts


Want to add a fun pair of floral inspired shorts to your closet? Consider adding these pair to your wardrobe, as they’re a great statement piece all by themselves.

Size: 14

Length: 20 inches

Color/Description: These tropical inspired floral shorts come with a detailed floral pattern with a mix of various colors (turquoise, light yellow, seafoam green, hot pink, orange, and lilac). These shorts come with a side button for closure. They’re very comfortable and also come with a banded waist.

Materials: 100% Polyester/Not listed but would recommend Warm Wash/Tumble Dry

Styling Tip: Consider styling these shorts with a striped shirt (as pictured) or with a solid shirt (with any of the colors represented in the shorts).

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