Vintage Wildcat Cardigan

Vintage Wildcat Cardigan


Are you a Kentucky Wildcat fan? If so, have you thought about adding this to your cardigan collection?

Size: X-Large  

Length: 27 inches

Color/Description: This vintage Kentucky Wildcat cardigan is one you should consider adding to your wardrobe. This cardigan comes with a lot of detail appeal around the collar area, the detail on the cardigan arms, bold blue buttons for closure, along with a vintage UK wildcat logo on the back of the cardigan (not captured in the photos here, but will send you a photo of the back of the cardigan as requested). Additionally, this cardigan is thick for comfort and warmth.

Materials: 55% Ramie/45% Cotton/Dry Clean Only.

Styling Tip: This vintage cardigan can be styled anyway and look magical! Consider styling as pictured (for game day or if you’re headed to the work place). Also, consider wearing any day of the year, by simply pairing this with a denim outfit.

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