Who is the face behind More Than Your Average? 

Hello there! I'm Mya Price, the owner and operator of More Than You Average. You will see me sprinkled throughout the website and can read more about me in the 'About' page. I'm very excited to launch this online thrift platform, and I hope you are excited too. My goal is to provide you with the best quality product along with a unique experience during your visit. You can be certain that the passion I have for my brand along with the everlasting relationships I hope to build with you go hand and hand. I hope your purchases will inspire and empower you to continue to build confidence within yourselves and to also empower others to craft your personal style. 

Although you will see me in photos throughout my site, the best way to continue to get to know me and stay connected is through my personal blog. You will find this tab in the top navigation of my website. My blog platform will serve as a place for me to tell your more about myself, give you tips on thrifting, styling, and more!

Can you tell me about your product? 

More Than Your Average is a unique online platform in that my goal is to provide you the best quality clothing items, accessories, and more! Any and all items you shop on the website have special meaning to me as the owner along with their own personality. Each piece has its own flare and was specially selected for you to enjoy and feel confident in wearing. When I select my products, there are a variety of things I take into consideration. Size, color, quality, and detail are essential to my collection. In shopping on More Than Your Average, know that you are receiving a one of a kind item because each listing is the only available. When you purchase an item, you should be aware that you will be the only customer showcasing that item to the world.

Where do you find your items? 

I handpick items from a variety of sources to curate a collection of vintage pieces that fit modern styles.

What is the standard shipping and handling fee? 

For every order you make through More Than Your Average, there is a flat rate shipping and handling fee of $10.00. This fee will automatically be applied after you have selected the product(s) you would like to purchase in your shopping cart. After this fee is applied, you will see the total amount owed for your purchase. Please note that a sales tax will also be included on your final order. 

If your purchase totals $100+, your shipping and handling fee will be waived. Do note that a sales tax will still be applied at checkout.

On some occasions, there will be promotional offerings. Sales will be communicated to customers via email, social media, and on the website. 

What is your shipping policy?

All items purchased from More Than Your Average will be shipped immediately (2 business day after purchase) and will arrive between 5-7 business days of purchase at your door step. 

What happens to the product after I've ordered it? 

Upon your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your order has been received. I personally pull your product from inventory, treat your product (send to dry clean, steam, etc.) if needed, carefully package your order, and then ship to you.

Not satisfied with product?  

If you're dissatisfied with any item purchased from More Than Your Average, you have up to 7 days to postmark your return. Do note, customers must pay the returned package fee. Returned item(s) should be carefully packaged and returned back to the mailing address listed on the package.  

Are you strictly web-based?

In addition to having this website as a center for purchasing one-of-a-kind MTYA apparel, styling packages, accessories, and also accessing the MTYA blog, I travel and participate in various pop-up events throughout the Washington, D.C. area and also my home state of Kentucky.

Domestic Shipping locations? 
More Than Your Average ships to any location within the United States.  

International Shipping? 

At this time, More Than Your Average does not ship internationally. 

Any additional questions? 

You can always subscribe to my website or email me at any time. As the owner, I'm a one woman show, and am happy to answer any questions you have. I also welcome any and all feedback you have regarding the website, product, or more!