Wardrobe Reveals: My Favorites Things Pt. 2


Wardrobe Reveals

My Favorites Things Pt. 2

Last week, I revealed some of my wardrobe favorites when it comes to the holiday season, and this week I am showing off more of my favorites. Again, you might own a lot of these items, but it never hurts to check out some of my favorites and to also pick up a lesson or two on ways to style my favorites trends.

Velvet Everything: How can you go wrong with velvet? Especially during this time of year when the temperatures have dropped and the goal is to stay bundled up! What’s nice about owning anything velvet is the texture. The texture of velvet speaks volumes and should hold a place in anyone’s closet.

Velvet Shirt: Consider purchasing a velvet top for your wardrobe, whether that is black or colored. If you go with a black velvet top, consider pairing with colored slacks such as emerald green, red, canary yellow, or black. Challenge yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone and adding a colored velvet top to your wardrobe (blush pink, emerald green, or maroon). Each color is a great option for this time of year!  In addition to pairing with slacks, also consider pairing with a nice black skirt or colored skirt depending on the color of the velvet shirt you’re wearing.

Velvet Slacks: When it comes to velvet slacks, these can be difficult to find, but if you happen to come across a pair consider purchasing. Black velvet slacks are always the best, because you can simply style with any colored top and they are great to wear while attending any holiday oriented event. Of course, if you come across a colored pair of velvet slacks, never stray from purchasing those either if you don’t already own.

Metallic Galore: The color silver always brightens up the day! Wouldn’t you agree? Just like red, I consider silver a power color. When I’m wearing this color, I feel ready to take on any day. Never shy away from introducing this color into your wardrobe.

Metallic Boots: If you don’t already own a pair of metallic boots, I would highly recommend purchasing a pair for your wardrobe. Consider purchasing a high knee or short ankle pair. If you’re thinking about wearing a high knee pair, consider pairing with a nice silver, black, or colored dress (emerald green, blush or bright pink, red, or even a bright blue dress. If purchasing a short ankle pair, consider pairing with a nice pair of black or blue jean colored slack, or any colored slack.

Metallic Shirt: When most people think of metallic shirts, they think of sequin shirts. When referring to metallic shirts, I’m noting silver statement shirts. If you don’t currently own a silver shirt, I would highly recommend adding this to your wardrobe. Consider pairing with metallic slacks, or colored slacks (pink, blue, red, green, and more!)

Metallic Earrings: Don’t you just love making major statements? Why not make a statement with your metallic earrings? You can take a casual look and turn it into a formal look, simply by pairing metallic statement earrings to your outfit.

I Dream of Cream!: When you think of eloquent colors, doesn’t cream come to mind? The color cream has a certain grace about it, especially when you’re thinking of colors that are going to grab anyone’s attention.

Cream Blouse: Just like adding a white blouse to your wardrobe, I would also highly recommend adding a cream color blouse to your wardrobe. It’s a necessity and will eliminate plenty of grief when you have a business event to attend and happen to spill coffee on your favorite white blouse. Why not pull out the cream colored one? Consider pairing with cream, black, brown, or colored slacks. In addition to slacks, also consider pairing a skirt with the same colors mentioned.

Cream Blazer: If you don’t already own, I would recommend purchasing a cream blazer for your wardrobe. You can pair your blazer with a nice white, blush pink, or lilac blouse for example. Or you can put a casual spin on your look, by pairing with a blue jean shirt.

Cream Slacks: When it comes to cream slacks, you can formalize any outfit by simply wearing this colored pair. Consider pairing with a cream-colored shirt/blazer, to create an entire cream-colored outfit or consider pairing with any color of your choice. You can pair any color with cream slacks. Why not try?