Wardrobe Reveals: My Favorites Things Pt. 1


Wardrobe Reveals

My Favorite Things Pt. 1

When it comes to this time of year, I always like to add a lot of sass to my outfits! Especially when it comes to preparing for holiday parties, along with attending festive events that require glamorous looks. Below, I will tease you with some of my favorite items to wear throughout the holiday season and into the New Year. You might own a lot of these items already, but it never hurts to check out some of my favorites and to also pick up a lesson or two on ways to style these items.

Blush Pink: Can we give an extra applaud to blush pink this season? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been crushing on this color since the beginning on Fall. I think this color is perfect to incorporate into the holiday season, as there are many options for wearing this color. Consider making these blush pink items apart of your wardrobe: 

Blush Pink Velvet Top: Consider pairing with blush pink slacks, to create an entire blush pink look or other color options such as cream, lilac, brown, or black slacks. 

Blush Pink Sweater: Consider a V-neck or crew neck sweater. Either way, consider wearing your sweater casually or formally. Although, I would recommend challenging yourself to create a formal look, by pairing with a white blouse, with wine or mustard colored slacks, or a pair of printed slacks (such as cheetah print). 

Blush Pink Slacks: If you don’t have a pair of these, I would highly recommend consider purchasing. Just like cream slacks, blush pink slacks are fabulous to add to your collection. Consider pairing with a cream, white, blush pink, or black top.

Sequin Everything: Do you only wear sequin to New Year Eve parties? Let’s change that by incorporating sequin into our wardrobes throughout the entire year. Consider making these sequin items apart of your wardrobe:  

Colorful Sequin Top: I love my black sequin top, but I also love colorful sequin tops. Something about a bright pink or red sequin top is a game changer. Shying away from anything colorful can be routine, but when you pair a sequin top with a neutral colored slack, you can instantly calm down the overall look. I would recommend adding a colorful sequin top to your wardrobe collection and pairing with a neutral slack (brown, cream, or black) or taking the look to the next level, by pairing with a colored slack (emerald green, bright pink, mustard yellow). 

Sequin Slacks: If you ever come across sequin slacks, purchase them. Just like sequin tops, sequin slacks are a major game changers and will have you grabbing the attention of everyone. I would recommend (no matter the color of the sequin slack), pairing with a solid white blouse. If you can find a white blouse that has extra material for creating a bow, that’s even better! 

Sequin Shoes: Of course you can’t get anymore glamorous then sequin shoes! If you even come across sequin shoes, purchase them. You can pretty much style them with any outfit and are a way way to create a formal look.

Bring on the Plaid: Don’t you just enjoy anything and everything plaid? Plaid has always put me in the holiday mood. Consider making these plaid items apart of your wardrobe: 

Plaid Blazer: While I would simply recommend owning a black blazer, I would hands down recommend keeping a plaid blazer in your wardrobe. Think about pairing with a white or colored blazer (depending on the color scheme of the blazer), a pair of your favorite blue jeans or colored slacks (make sure the colored slacks pair nicely with the colors represented in the blazer). 

Plaid Slacks: I mean, why not? I think plaid slacks are so much fun and adds so much personality to any wardrobe. Depending on the colors represented in your plaid slacks, depends on how you would consider pairing. I think by pairing a simple white blouse with plaid slacks, automatically creates a formal and overall chic look. 

Plaid Purse: A simple, but effective element to add to your wardrobe and can be paired with almost any outfit. Don’t stress yourself out with making sure the purse entirely matches your outfit. Consider pairing with an outfit that has much color contrast. 

Plaid Shoes: Hands down an easy addition to your wardrobe! When pairing plaid shoes with your outfit, don’t stress. Again, consider pairing to create a contrast look. For example, consider pairing a pair of red and black plaid shoes, with an emerald green top and black slacks.

While the list never ends of what I would consider adding to your wardrobe throughout the holiday season, I don’t want to reveal just all of those recommendations just yet. Stay tuned for next week’s additional reveals!