I Declare Fur!

I Declare Fur

Top Tips for Styling Fur Pieces

Who says you just have to wear a fur coat to formal parties? I believe that fur coats can be worn during any occasion throughout the Winter months. Whether that is putting a fur coat on to run to the grocery store, walk down the street, or attend a business meeting. Just like fashion, fur has no boundaries or limits! What I truly love about the Winter season, is that I get to pull out my fabulous fur coats. I mean, how can you go wrong with any type of fur? In preparation for this time of year, I begin to seek out fur coats during the early Fall months, when most people are not yet thinking about the Winter cold. Some years, I’ve even started looking for them during the summer months, while people are out enjoying the warm sun shine. Leading up to the start of a new year, I’ve challenged myself to continue to add toward my collection of fur coats. When going out to seek additions for my collection, I look for a lot of personality, uniqueness, color, along with plenty of detail. Additionally, I try to look for fur coats that grab my attention, whether that is through it’s length, print, or internal material.

When I’m out thrifting, I always believe that every find comes with its own story. I’m always amused to think of the story behind every piece I find, whether that ranges from a nice white blouse, to a fabulous cheetah print blazer. In believing that the pieces I find come with their own stories, I also believe that fur coats come with their own stories too. I had a conversation with my granny before and she noted to me, “Most women who own fur coats, usually get their initials sewn inside their coats to identify it as their own!” I think it’s amazing how such a fur coat means so much to women all over the world. Additionally, a lot of women will pass down their fur coats to the next generation and the next. What’s amazing about finding a fur coat in a thrift store, is taking into consideration that there may be someone’s initials sewn into the coat or that it may have been passed down. Knowing that there is so much history that is behind the fur coat is truly amazing and what makes my role in finding that historical piece so powerful.

I could go on and on about the history that lies behind the fur coat, but I note this to say when presented with options on which coat to wear for the day, choose the fur coat! Not only will you look fabulous while wearing the coat, but you will be able to represent the unknown history of the coat. See below for a couple of tips on styling along with thoughts on selecting the perfect fur coat for you!

1. Consider varying your fur coat collection with short/long length, various prints, and colors.

2. If thrifting a fur coat, don’t forget to look inside for any initials/additional “personalized” pieces that have been added to the coat. This may indicate a lot of history!

3. Don’t be scared to express yourself in a fur coat! Wear it whenever you would like and don’t think twice about wearing it grocery shopping!

4. Depending on the print or color of the coat, will depend on how to style the fur coat. If you would like to create a casual look, consider styling with your favorite pair of jeans, crew-neck sweater, and with a buttoned-up blouse underneath. If styling formally, consider pairing with a nice eloquent dress of your choice, nice slacks/or skirt.

5. Create a complete look with a pair of matching gloves. For example, if you own a cheetah-print fur, consider pairing with brown or black leather gloves.