The Story Behind the ‘End Hunger in Style’ T-Shirt

End Hunger in Style

The Story Behind the T-Shirt

As I reflect on some of my greatest achievements, I think about the MTYA ‘End Hunger in Style’ t-shirt campaign. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be running my own business, nor launching a t-shirt campaign that encompasses each of my passions for alleviating child hunger and thrifting into one major opportunity. Gearing up for the launch of this campaign was not a minor task, as I put much detail into planning the stages of the campaign and its promotion. In designing the campaign t-shirt, I thought about the campaign’s mission - to bring awareness to child hunger across the state of Kentucky with half of all proceeds going to ensure more children are fed throughout the state, the ‘More Than Your Average messaging, along with the color and fabric of the shirt. I wanted to ensure the messaging of the t-shirt showcased not only the campaign mission, but the empowerment piece of encouraging us all to think about how we define our individualities, work, passion, creativity, and lifestyle as ‘More Than Your Average’.

My mom couldn’t believe the design of the t-shirt was just white with black lettering (no color). I expressed to her that I wanted the shirt to be inclusive to all, no matter your choice of style, size, shape, or additional preferences. With the neutral appeal, everyone would be able to insert their own creativity for styling and it was a mission of mine to make sure the design of the shirt allowed everyone to do just that. Additionally, I wanted to ensure the t-shirts came in an array of sizes (S-4XL). With the t-shirt design in place, my next step included reaching out to local, regional, and national influencers (bloggers, stylists, designers, make-up enthusiasts, and more!) for campaign support and promotion. It was a priority for me to involve those who came from an array of backgrounda, passions, and various lifestyles. Many of the influencers I asked to participate in this campaign, I’d never met before but had supported online for a long time. During our group photoshoot is when I really felt the fruition of the campaign come alive. The excitement, joy, encouragement, empowerment, positive feedback, and overall celebration around the shirt's mission that from this amazing group made me feel amazing about the campaign launch. 

Since the launch of the campaign, I’m truly grateful for the participation and contribution to the cause from so many supporters across the nation. It’s truly exciting to see supporters wearing their campaign shirts, posting sweet and personal messages about what the shirt and MTYA means to them, and hearing positive comments about the design and messaging of the shirt. This campaign continues to evolve and make a major impact for not only those who support, but the children of Kentucky who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. As a community full of various individualities and unique attributes, it’s imperative that we continue to come together and bring voice to causes that greatly impact the world. This opportunity has inspired me to continue to elevate my business, along with personal and professional growth to the next level. I’m empowered to continue in the fight against child hunger while operating a business that gives voice to a community of women. Thanks so much for your support in MTYA and for this cause. Get your shirt today!

Thank you to the bloggers who have supported this campaign near and far!

Lexington, Kentucky: Leela Foley (@lexeats), Rynetta Davis (@jcrewismyfavstore), Porscha Coney (@mommyandminstry), Priyanka Patel (@glamourandgiggles), Tiffani Fannin (@brightonabudget)

Louisville, Kentucky: J.C. Phelps (@jceats)

Chicago, Illinois: Mindy Scott (@mindycityy)

Washington, D.C: Joy Davis (@enjoycurves)

Photos for Campaign Shot By Sarah Caton (@spaceplaceandgrace)