Favorite MTYA Holiday Inspired Selections


Holiday Inspired Selections

Directly from the MTYA Website

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite MTYA holidays selections directly from the website! What’s exciting is that you can shop these selections NOW and as a bonus, I’ve outlined styling suggestions for each selected item on today’s post. Have fun reading and if you’re interested in purchasing, just simply tap on the photo to be directed to the MTYA website.

MTYA Holiday Selection #1: Plaid and Fringed Inspired Skirt

When you think about selections for the holiday season, how often does does plaid or fringe inspired pieces come to mind? Plaid is a wonderful pattern to incorporate throughout the holiday season (ex. holiday events, friend and family gatherings, or work events). I selected this skirt, because it screams holiday season. The red/black lining and fringe layer of this skirt, can be paired with a colored top (as pictured) or with a sequin top. Additionally, I would also consider pairing a contrasting colored top such as bold green or gold.

MTYA Holiday Selection #2: Glamorous Full Length Teal Skirt
Winter is the perfect time to incorporate more color into your wardrobe, including teal! This full length glamorous skirt is definitely an attention grabber in every setting. I selected this skirt, because it goes into the “non-traditional” category of colors we typically don’t consider wearing this time of year. As a side note: I always tell myself that no color is off limits when it comes to any season of the year, but this season especially, as we think of unique ways to tie in those Spring inspired colors. What’s unique about this skirt is its pure glamour, touch of ruffle detail, banded waist, and overall aesthetic. While this skirt is shown being paired with a black sequin top on the site, consider pairing with a bold pink, cream, gold, or yellow top to wear during your next holiday event. Additionally, consider pairing this skirt with a pop of color when it comes to your choice in shoe (hot pink is always my go-to choice).

MTYA Holiday Selection #3: Metallic Detailed Dress

Who said metallic inspired pieces are off limits when it comes to the holiday season? When I think of some of my favorite metallic inspired colors, silver is always at the top of my list. I selected this dress, because of its engraved detailed pattern, form fitting appeal, and the material. On top of that, the transitioning of this dress from day to night is also what grabbed my attention. Speaking of transitioning this dress from day to night, you can also transition this dress into the holiday season by simply creating a monochrome look (as pictured) or contrasting this dress with another color such as gold, emerald green, or a hot pink top for the holidays. Of course bowtie inspired tops are always a plus!

MTYA Holiday Selection #4: Vintage Blue & Gold Jacket

How can this vintage jacket not put you in the holiday mood? The festive detail pattern throughout this jacket is a fun way of tying a jacket like this into the holiday season. I selected this jacket, because of its detailed touch, bold and festive colors, and bold pairing for the holiday season. Consider pairing this vintage jacket with a holiday inspired dress, skirt, or blouse for layering. Also, consider pairing this jacket with colors such as emerald green, gold, silver, or red. Either way, the vintage jacket will pair nicely with any selection.

I hope my favorites inspire you to think about your holiday looks this season! Remember, you can shop each selection NOW by simply tapping on the photos. Have fun stepping into the holiday season on a fashionable note!