This Week's MTYA Favorites: Coat Edition!

This Week’s MTYA Favorites:

Coat Edition!

Cream Inspired Wool Coat.

Aside from colors, cream is one of my favorite neutral choices! What I find most fascinating about this coat is its warm layered appeal, fur lining both around the collar and sleeves of the coat, in addition to its detailed button detail. When styling coats, I usually allow the coat to speak for itself, because there are so many ways and ideas for pairing coats with outfits. For this coat, I decided to pair it with a little black dress as a way of allowing the fur of this coat to make a statement. As you can see, I decided not to pair any additional accessories with this coat, because I didn’t want the accessories to distract from this coat’s overall detail. For additional ways of styling, consider pairing this coat with an all cream or white outfit.

Detailed Print Fur Leopard.

Leopard furs have always been a personal favorite of mine and I absolutely feel in love with this selection the minute I found it. From its collar detail, shoulder boldness, and sleeve appeal, I didn’t think twice about adding this fur coat to the MTYA collection. As a note, there are plenty of times I’ve found leopard selections that didn’t have a deep print like this coat has represented throughout. With its silk internal lining and bold appeal, I decided to pair this fur selection with a pink and black striped dress for contrast in addition to bold pink earrings as an additional statement selection. For additional styling, consider pairing this coat with plenty of color such as a colored turtleneck, dress (as pictured) and even a pair of colored slacks.

Emerald Green & Leopard Outlined Leather Coat.

There aren’t many times when I find coats with a mix of two different patterns like this coat has represented. With a mix of cheetah and leather, I’d say this is a winning combination! What I like most about this coat is that is that it comes full-length (passed the knee on most), has warm internal layering, in addition to plenty of room for layering other selections such as tops, blazers, and lighter coats underneath. In styling, I chose to pair this coat with a pair of high kneed boots and a pair of tights to show off the coat’s length. Additionally, I decided to pair this coat with a black dress because again, I wanted to showcase the overall personality of this selection (including its emerald green color). For additional styling methods, consider pairing this coat with red, pink, or mustard yellow selections. If given a preference in color, I would choose to restyle this look with mustard yellow selections.

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