Thrifting: What it Means to Me

Thrifting to me serves as a tiny little gem in a sea of fashion that has yet to be fully discovered. It’s a journey that starts the minute your enter the door and has no destination. What’s personally exciting for me along with the mission of More Than Your Average, is that I get to help others discover this special gem. It serves as my tranquility, because I love getting lost in the mist of beautiful finds. I let myself go and allow the finds to take me to their own destination. I never go thrifting with a purpose in mind. For example, I never say, “I’m going thrifting to find a black dress!” The reason I go without a purpose, is because I would rather allow the excitement along with the curiosity of the experience to serve as my inner catalyst. 

You may think I’m crazy talking about thrifting in this type of way, but I think it’s very important to give ourselves grace and truly find our passion(s). Side note, it’s fine to have more than one passion. I mean, don’t think you only have to enjoy one thing in life. The discovery of this experience has allowed me to unpack all the negativity in my life and celebrate the positivity. I know this journey for me will never get old, because I’ve become personally attached to the experience and have found a love for this sort of adventure. 

 Thrifting is my immediate vacation getaway, but for you, that may be different. For me, thrifting is a way for me to destress from a full day of pure exhaustion tied with endless meetings, but for you, again that may be different. I challenge you to find something that makes you happy and that will serve as your immediate getaway. Especially, when you may be facing tough challenges in your life, or feel like you don’t know where you’re headed next. 

Out of my passion for thrifting, has evolved a greater opportunity for me to establish More Than Your Average. If I didn’t take the time to discover this passion or even acknowledge my love for thrifting, I'm not sure if I would have discovered the opportunity to start my own business. I note this in stating to you the importance of discovering and nourishing your passion(s). You never know where they’ll take on your journey of life. Who knows, you may end up starting your own business too! 



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