The More Than Your Average Woman

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to be different than others. Many of my friends along with counterparts would always call me “unique” throughout high school and even today throughout my adulthood. I probably spend too much of my time as a young woman trying to grasp and understand the meaning of the word, but at an early age, I didn’t like the word. I began to question the word along with how it was applied to me. Like am I too tall? Do I have big feet? Is my makeup too much? Do I wear weird clothing?

Each of these questions ran through my head at an early age, but as of a couple of years ago, I had a “ahhh” moment. Like Oprah would say! I began to appreciate the uniqueness within myself and take ownership of who I am. Being unique in my taste of fashion, interest in plus size thrift, love for anything that “pops”, is who I am. I am unique and I love it. In reference to fashion, I love to look and think outside the box, push the limits until they can’t be pushed any further, take risk in what I choose to pair and wear, and create an environment in which others will follow.

I’ve connected my unique love for fashion to myself and have learned to celebrate that each and everyday. I love stepping out of my comfort zone, wearing things that will often become overlooked on a rack, along with encouraging others to do the same. That’s why, I challenge you to become more than yourself through your fashion. Own who you are and allow what you wear to serve as a guide for your life. Don’t become stagnant in your choices, but develop growth through your choices in selection.