A Note on Giving


A Note on Giving

Happy Holidays from More Than Your Average

During this time of the year, there is nothing like giving back and paying it forward. I appreciate the holidays because it’s a time to celebrate each other along with spreading love throughout all communities. While I’m a firm believer that kindness, giving back, and volunteering shouldn’t just occur one season of the year, I do enjoy the emphasis that is placed on so many wonderful organizations, missions, and community individuals who are working each and every day to make a difference throughout their communities du

In addition to running More Than Your Average, I also have a heart for community giving. On top of my love for fashion, I also have a passion for youth and making sure no child goes hungry. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege to work with my local food bank on establishing feeding programs for children, as a way of alleviating child hunger throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky. I’ve also been given the privilege over these years to serve as a Food Pantry Coordinator, as a way of ensuring local residents in my neighborhood are given access to food resources such as fresh produce, meat, and more! Each of these opportunities not only confirmed my passion for working in this industry, but has really inspired me to advocate, collaborate, and inspire others to also find their passion.

I highlight some of the roles I’ve had the privilege of being apart of as a way to note the abundance of opportunities we have to give back to our communities. When I created More Than Your Average, I did so in the mindset of community building. My goal in 2018 and beyond is to donate some of my proceeds, apparel, along with accessories to individuals and organizations who are striving to enhance the community of Lexington, Kentucky. I feel this platform is a way for me to connect my passions and leverage my business in a way to help others whether that is through small or large measures. MTYA is about empowering, building, and creating a community of which women are able to find themselves through fashion. My goal in the New Year is to find individuals and organizations who are practicing similar initiatives and form those partnerships.

I challenge you to think about how you can leverage your passion(s), social media platforms, creative thoughts, as a way of giving back to your communities. We all have things we're passionate about and that helps to shape us. Think about how giving back to your community can shape yourself and others. How you can give on a regular basis and not just during a season? For myself, reaching deeper and giving back makes me happy. At an early age, my mom always emphasized the importance of finding what you enjoy and pursuing it. What empowers you to give to your community? How does that look for you? How do you plan to give? 

'Tis the holiday season and cheers to giving!

Mya Price