Turning a Seed Into a Dream


Typically, I carry a notebook around with me everywhere I go as a way of capturing
business notes, ideas, dreams, mindful thoughts, and direct reminders to self. When the
idea of “More Than Your Average” came to me, it came at a time in my life in which I
almost needed it. I was deeply rooted into graduate school, hustling from one
meeting to another, and working two to three jobs at once. While I felt I was developing
myself through continued education, establishing profound relationships with
partners throughout my community, I felt something was missing in my life. It almost felt
like my creative side was missing, and I so desperately wanted to find it.

After becoming aware of this missing piece, I decided to take a step back from the
hustle and bustle of my life and evaluate where I was at that point and what I wanted to
do moving forward. I remember taking a couple of weeks to reflect and write down every
creative idea that came to mind. While sitting on my couch one day, I thought about the
hobbies in which I enjoy doing and that brought true happiness to my life. One of which
is thrifting. In a previous post, I discussed what thrifting means to me, but on that
day, I recognized that thrifting would become my first stepping stone into establishing
“More Than Your Average”. After jotting down the idea in my notebook, I decided that I
would share my initial idea with my mom, sister, and a small group of close friends.

While I didn’t have the idea thoroughly solidified on paper, I did have the major
elements of my business ironed out in my mind. I remember the night I sat down with
my friends and my sister and told them. While I was expecting a reaction such as,
“Umm, I’m not for sure about that!” or “I think you should reconsider the idea!”, I received
the greatest feedback ever! I remember my sister being so impressed with the idea, she
even told me, “This is one of the best ideas you’ve come up with in a long time!” My
friends felt the same way and couldn’t wait for me to get things moving.

Even though I received so much positive feedback on my business model, I struggled to
get my business started due to my own internal fear. I remember doubtful thoughts
clouding my head, because I knew I was getting ready to embark on a very different
journey. I knew I would be stepping out of my comfort zone in starting this business, and
that was something I didn’t want to do at that time in my life. It took me almost a year
(after finishing graduate school), to wake up and realize that my own internal fear served as a hindrance.

The light bulb I had been waiting for (or that had been waiting for
me), went off and I was ready to get the show on the road. I remember taking minor
baby steps before fully throwing myself into it all. The more steps I took forward, the
more I wanted to continue pursuing this opportunity. I was overcoming my fear of actually
becoming a business owner and it felt wonderful. I realized how much support I have,
dedicated people willing to help throughout every step of the way, and overall passion I
had developed for my idea. These realizations became so comforting!

I write this to note the importance of reflection and purpose. Many days, we get so
caught up in our “busy” schedules, that we don’t take the time to reflect and find our
true purpose and happiness. Thrifting makes me happy along with the fruition it brings
in knowing that I can develop something greater than myself. As a business owner, I’m
very happy that I was able to overcome my fear and establish a wonderful, unique, one
of a kind business model that I will continue to nourish, celebrate, and grow over the
course of time.

Mya Price