Thinking Beyond the Outfit: Invest in Your Accessories

Thinking Beyond the Outfit

Invest in Your Accessories

While there is much time that goes into putting together our outfits each day, sometimes it’s not about the outfit itself, but how you accessorize it. We can turn some of the most basic outfits into red carpet-ready looks. In this post, I outline some examples of how accessorizing can be done, but I do want to chat with you about the importance of investing into your accessories. When I think about accessories, I think about purses, earrings, belts, scarves, and additional pieces that fall outside the scope of clothing items. Over the years, I’ve invested greatly into my accessories and by doing so, I’ve been successful in styling my outfits. At an early age, I’ve recognized the importance of this investment through the traditions of my mother. When we went shopping, she would not only focus on the clearance racks, but she always focused on the purse and shoe sections at stores. At Christmas each year, my mother gives my sister and I colorful gloves, clutches, scarves, and other accessorized items as stocking stuffers. My collection has grown over the years and now I’m grateful for this massive array of accessories.

When people hear the word investment, we often think of high cost. When I think about investing in accessories, I invest in quality, but at a lower cost. There are plenty of stores (whether you thrift or not), that carry spunky, colorful, and unique accessorized items, in which you can add to your collection. At this point, you’re probably asking, “What accessories would you recommend adding to my wardrobe?” See my best tips below:

Go Bold: Purse Collection

Many women tend to own a few select neutral purses in their closets. Expand your purse collection by incorporating an array of styles. Think about adding colors that make statements such as red, bright blue, emerald green, or pink. Also, consider adding an animal print purse to your collection. Personally, I own a cheetah print purse and on days I’m feeling blue, I carry this purse to uplift my mood. Purses are easy game changers when it comes to your wardrobe and they take no time to pair with your outfits.

Statement Earrings

Wearing powerful statement earrings is an easy conversation starter! I’ve been at events and didn’t know one person in the room, but grabbed the attention of others through my statement earrings. When I note statement earrings, the earrings stand out on their own and carry their own personality. Think beyond those pearl, gold balls, silver hoops, and diamond studs you’ve been wearing over the years. Think more about those earrings you see while you’re out shopping and say to yourself, “I can never see myself wearing these!” I’m talking about those bold red, tiered earrings, emerald green, bold diamonds, bright blue, dangling pearls, or those canary yellow, fringed pieces. By pairing statement earrings with your outfits, you can automatically take that solid red turtleneck to the next level without thinking twice.

Colorize Your Scarves & Gloves:

Do you ever find yourself wearing those same gloves you’ve had for a decade or that same grey scarf? Especially during the cold season, it can be easy to just wear the same scarf and set of gloves. Why not add some color and variation to your collection, such as bright pink, purple, blue, or mustard yellow? Not only are these colors fun, but you will be able to easily take your overall winter look to the next level. For example, if you own a black winter coat, why not pair a mustard yellow set with this coat? You may end up loving this look and find yourself sticking with this change for the rest of the current season.

When it comes to thinking about the accessories I pair with my outfits each day, I automatically get excited thinking about the ways I can easily pair my outfits. As I noted earlier in the blog post, it takes time to accessorize your collection and to feel both comfortable and confident with your pieces. This feeling didn’t happen to me over night, but over a course of many of years. What I did was become more active and dedicated toward building my accessory collection and now feel much more confident in going into my closet and being able to select from various options. I challenge you to think outside the box when it comes to accessorizing your outfits and begin investing into your own collection. You will thank yourself in the long run!