Who Says You Can’t Be Stylish at the Airport?

Who Says You Can’t Be Stylish at the Airport?

Tips for Looking Your Best While Traveling

Ever had to catch an early morning flight or take the red eye? It can be daunting to juggle outfit planning for a trip, packing, and getting to the airport on time. While the preparation phases of traveling can be a hassle, have you ever thought of ways you can travel in style without investing too much of your time? Lately, I’ve been traveling back and forth, from city to the next. I’ve recognized the importance of planning ahead when it comes to my outfits, especially the ones I choose to wear while traveling in and out of airports. Is this you:

“I never put much emphasis into the outfits I wear at the airport. I’m just trying to make sure I get to the airport on time, board my flight, and end up in the right city!”

Ever heard the expression, “Always look your best, you never know who you will run into”? I used to believe this statement only applied when shopping at the grocery store, pumping gas, or just grabbing a cup of coffee. While I’ve never been the type to throw on a pair of baggy pants and a t-shirt to run out anywhere, I do know of many people treat such apparel as the norm. While nothing is wrong with feeling comfortable while you accomplish routine tasks, there are simple ways complement our comfort with style. One thing I’ve learned while traveling throughout airports is that you see plenty of people while grabbing your luggage from baggage claim, stopping by the airport Starbucks to grab a cup of coffee prior to boarding your flight, applying lipstick in the airport restroom, or even hanging out at your boarding gate. For me, airports are the mecca of fashion for style inspiration. Just think, people are flying in from various cities around the country and the world. You never know who you’ll meet, so why not look stylish?

Mya’s Top Five Tips for Looking Fashionable While Traveling

Wear lipstick to the airport. I always tell myself that I could be wearing the simplest outfit, but if I have my lipstick on, I feel so dressed up and ready to take on any day. Not saying that you have to neglect your outfit with simply applying a layer of lipstick, but adding a layer of lippie takes your entire look to the next level. If you’re as detailed as me, you can think about ways to coordinate your lip color with your outfit.

Go with colorful pieces. I would hands down put together an entire monochromatic pink look and head to the airport. But I understand if you don’t want to wear an entire outfit that screams “I love pink!” Consider wearing at least one piece of clothing with a pop of color. For example, if you choose to wear a pair of black jeans, think about pairing an orange, pink, yellow, or lilac purple sweater with your outfit. Not only will you stand out from the airport crowd, but wearing a colorful piece will make you feel better, especially when your flight has been delayed. Bright colors contribute to bright moods in an area people are often frustrated and frazzled.

Wear statement earrings. Statement earrings compliment your entire outfit and bring you happiness. Wearing my favorite statements has significantly decreased my airport anxiety. I tell myself: At least I have on a pair of my favorite earrings...as I stand in the long TSA line.

Choose comfortable, but stylish shoes. Of course, we want to travel comfortably, especially when it comes to the shoes we choose while traveling. I’ve witnessed plenty of women traveling throughout airports who often struggle to get from one gate to the next because they have on six-inch heels. Think about how you can incorporate a pop of color or animal print shoe – think cute flats, ankle boots, or booties. I love wearing booties while I travel throughout the airport. I’ve confidently stopped traffic with my head turning cheetah-print booties from Target. 

Wear a statement coat to the airport. In the Spring months, I highly recommend wearing a color or floral blazer to the airport. Last week, I traveled to Chicago and wore a long, blush pink coat to the airport and I’ve never gotten so many compliments in my life. Not only was it light, but eloquent enough to grab the attention of other passengers. Why would I wear my best coat in an airport? Think about how you want to show up to the place to which you’re traveling. For myself, Chicago is a major city with tons of people. I wanted to make my presence known, so why not make that happen through one of my favorite coats?

Enough chatting on my end as I could go on and on with providing you with tips on how to look stylish while traveling via airports. I hope these tips will allow you to not only feel comfortable while traveling, but will inspire you to take your “fashion while traveling” look to the next level. My mom always laughs at me when she finds out I’m preparing for a trip. She knows how excited I get when putting together my airport looks. I always tell her, “You never know, I may get discovered in the airport by the most influential fashion stylist or designer!” When fashion is your business, you have to look the part!