MTYA Turns One: 5 Business Lessons I've Learned

When I thought about how I wanted to celebrate my first year in business, I automatically thought about having a birthday party. MTYA turning one is a milestone for my business, but also for my life. Over the course of my first year, I’ve learned a lot along the way and I’ve decided to share these lessons with you. I hope they empower other aspiring and/or current entrepreneurs who are establishing and/or treading the way in their business adventure.

 The 5 Lessons I’ve Learned:

1. Building a Brand Takes a Team (even if it includes your mom’s help): This is probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned during my first year of business. In starting my business, I thought I could take on every aspect of my business on my own. Shortly did I realize the importance of building a team of others who champion your brand. One of my biggest supporters has been my mom! She not only helps me during photo shoots, but also serves as a cheerleader in every aspect of my brand. My advice for you is to find those brand champions and keep them close!

2. You are Your Brand: You represent what you’re building! When I first launched my business, it took me a few months to fully process that “More Than Your Average” encompasses me. Once I realized that I am my brand, is when I fully took ownership of myself (representing my brand) and how I wanted my brand to grow. My best advice for you is to prioritize your brand with passion, purpose, mission, and plenty of devotion (time).  

3. Self-Care is Key: In building my brand during its first year, self-care is something I tended to neglect. From preparing for photo shoots to updating inventory on the MTYA website, at times I wouldn’t prioritize ME. I realized that I needed other outlets of self-care and I found those through spending time with family and friends, reading fashion magazines, and treating myself to other things I enjoy. My advice for you is to take care of yourself while building, because if you’re not at your best then you’re not going to give your brand the best YOU.  

4. Study Your Business In and Out: I knew I couldn’t launch my business without having key aspects of ‘How to Start Your Own Business’ figured out. My advice for you is to continue to develop a solid business foundation no matter if you’re entering into your second or fifth year of business. There is always room for growth and learning!

5. Have Fun Along the Journey: Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having fun, right? In building MTYA, I’ve had so much fun by connecting and networking with an array of people from all various background, passions, and talents. My advice for you is to find growth in your business adventure. Whether that is through learning new characteristics about yourself, aspects of your business, connecting with other business owners, or participating in networking opportunities. On top of that, challenge yourself to get uncomfortable while on the journey!

 My hope is that you can use these five lessons as thoughts for your own business adventure. I’m so excited about the growth of MTYA during its first year and I look forward to continuing the celebration of MTYA with you through more years to come.