MTYA Recommends Four Jackets to Complete Your Fall Wardrobe

Four Jackets to Complete

Your Fall Wardrobe

Fall is here! Can you believe it? I’m recommending four jackets to complete your Fall wardrobe. These recommendations are based on my own personal favorites and selections I enjoy styling with other wardrobe pieces and accessories on a regular basis. As the season progresses, I will continue to recommend other jackets/coats to consider adding to your Winter wardrobe. Without further a do, let’s get started!

 The 4 Jackets to Consider:

 1. The Classic Blue Jean Jacket: This jacket is here to stay and can be worn either casually or formally. Don’t you agree? Either way you decided to style it, this jacket gives a statement without having to put much thought into your overall look. Which, makes this jacket classic!

Suggested Pairing Options: Consider pairing with a solid, patterned, striped, colored blouse. Also consider layering this jacket over a light cardigan to give your overall look the “layering effect”, pair with a graphic or statement t-shirt. For more of a glamor look, consider pairing this jacket with a sequin or fringe inspired top.

2. The Classic Leather Jacket (Black, Brown, Grey, or White): Just like the classic blue jean jacket, don’t forget to add this neutral inspired jacket (either black, brown, or white) to your Fall wardrobe. This jacket automatically gives any of your outfits a dresser appeal and is the perfect addition to any look. Recommended colors include black, brown, grey, or white as noted above.

Suggested Pairing Options: Considering pairing with a pop of color, whether that is with a top, skirt/shorts/pants, or the accessories you choose to wear. By inserting a pop of color, you’re creating a balanced look between the pop of color and neutral appeal via the jacket.

3. The Suede Jacket: When Fall comes around, this is one of my favorite kind of jackets to wear because you have choices when it comes to color, length, and detail. I also love the texture of this jacket too!

Suggested Pairing Options: Suede and plaid compliment each other very nicely, especially when it comes to the Fall season. Consider pairing this jacket option with plaid pieces, whether that is a plaid top, skirt, or slacks. Also, consider adding in a pop of color when wearing your suede jacket, to give your overall look a versatile aesthetic.

4. The Metallic or Sequin Inspired Jacket: Metallic and sequin inspired jackets add an extra layer of fun to your jacket wardrobe! Adding jackets such as these to your wardrobe will save you plenty of headaches when it comes to deciding which jacket to wear during your next girls night out.

Suggested Pairing Options: Consider pairing this jacket with a pair of blue or black jeans, a crisp white or colored blouse, a metallic inspired blouse (such as gold or silver), or a sequin inspired top depending on how glamorous you’re feeling.

I hope this post inspires you to consider adding these jackets (if you don’t already have) to your wardrobe and/or will inspire you to consider styling your jacket selections differently. Which jacket(s) are you going to style next?