Spread a Little Love: Look Good & Feel Great

Spread a Little Love

Look Good & Feel Great

Have you heard the saying, “When you look good, you feel good?” While More Than Your Average is about providing unique finds that do just that, my business is also about empowering women to feel good about themselves even on their worst days. This morning, I stopped by one of my favorite bagel places in Lexington, Kentucky (my hometown) to grab a berry bagel and coffee. I frequent this location often, so most of the workers have noticed me through my style. The coffee lady and the cashier always say to me how amazing they think I look every time I come into the shop. This morning was quite different, as there weren’t as many people coming into the bagel shop. I felt like it was the perfect morning to strut myself down the runway toward grabbing the most delicious bagel! As the cashier rang my order, he noted, “You always look great! Every time you come into the shop, you’re always dressed up in something nice. Seeing you dressed up really made my day. You just don’t know how you can impact someone else’s day through style!”

Hearing him say that really touched my heart! On a regular basis, I receive compliments regarding my style and the pieces I choose to wear, but this compliment impacted me a little differently this morning. When I left the shop, I sat in my car thinking about what he said. Usually, when we think about impacting someone’s day, we do so by smiling at them, greeting them, calling a friend or loved one, or simply just buying someone a coffee out of kindness. But to think an outfit you created can greatly impact someone else’s day is mind blowing and truly makes me happy. After he shared this compliment, I responded: “Each morning, I look forward to getting dressed! I take time out to select my pieces and accessorize them. Looking good makes me feel good!” For me, I choose to dress for myself and not for the affirmation of others. My clothes highlight my personality and who I am. For that reason, I select and wear pieces that allow my personality to shine through, even on my bad days.

As you know, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and the day is about spreading love, whether that is among loved ones, friends, or family members. I want to challenge you to celebrate loving yourself through the pieces you choose to put on each day. Allow yourself to exude happiness through wearing pieces that bring you genuinely joy. Love the pieces you select. Love your wardrobe. Love the outfits you choose to pair. Love wearing your outfits. Just like I was able to impact the day of the cashier, you never know whose day you can impact through your personal style. You could bring a smile to someone’s face, change their perspective on their own style, or alter their day from bad to good. Dressing comes with love and with love, we can change the world!