Hair Styles: Your Best Accessory

Hair Styles

Your Best Accessory

Do you consider your hair an accessory? Do you plan which hairstyle to wear based on your outfit? I consider hair just as much as an accessory as earrings. The type of hairstyle you choose to wear also serves as a factor in your overall look for the day. Over the course of years, I’ve played around with styling my hair in different ways, just as much as I’ve played around with styling my clothing. Throughout time, both continue to change based on my mood, interest, and life experiences. 

In addition to the clothes I wear each day, I also take into account how I choose to style my hair. In high school, I wore my hair in an afro because I wanted to be different from everyone else who wore their hair straight or in a pony tail. I distinctly remember this period in my life because, prior to wearing an afro, I’d worn my hair straight and ended up damaging it with chemicals. That is why I made the decision to cut my hair off; I wanted to have a fresh start. Although the experience of cutting off my hair wasn’t easy or “attractive” to others, I felt good about myself and proud that I’d stepped outside of my comfort zone and tried something new. My new hairstyle motivated me to try new things with my style, too. Throughout that period of high school, I remember wearing more bright and vibrant clothes with plenty of personality.  Not only did I want my hairstyle to stand out amongst the crowd, but I also wanted my choice of clothing to reflect and serve as a catalyst for my overall style. 

 After the afro phase, I began experimenting with various types of wigs. During this phase, I was a senior in high school gearing up for my entrance into college. In reviewing why women wear wigs and talking to some of my family members, I remember them stating how wigs make them feel “like a different person” or “more confident”’ in themselves. When I tried on my first wig at the beauty store, I remember how excited I was to try on more. I tried on curly, straight, afro, and even long luxurious wigs. To this day, I own several wigs that I believe define my personality based on their overall style. While I don’t wear them on a regular basis, I keep them in my closet as a way to change my hairstyle up along with my style to reflect.

Today, I wear my hair short and with bangs! I decided to get bangs a couple of years ago because I again wanted to try something new and also wanted to compliment my style of dress. With my bangs, I feel confident, creative, empowered, and renewed. My bangs have empowered me to change up my style of dress by incorporating more floral, striped, and loud pieces into my wardrobe. My bangs are a statement accessory to my style along with my personality. I’m not only recognized by my bangs, but they reflect who I am and where I’m going as an entrepreneur and professional. I believe that both hairstyles and style of dress, in some shape or form defines who we are as people. Just like the statement earrings you choose to wear, your hairstyle is also an accessory. My style as a whole has changed over time. Each change has allowed me to experiment, grow, and to become more creative overall.

There are plenty of times I’ll scroll across a photo on Instagram or Facebook and say, “Her hairstyle compliments that outfit very well!” Just like preparing for photo shoots or fashion shows, I think there is a good amount of planning that goes into how my hairstyle will speak to the message I’m trying to portray when selecting my outfits. When planning for a photoshoot or fashion show, I always ask myself “How will I wear my hair so it will compliment my outfit?” As creatives, I think it’s important that we consider this question when planning for content creation, participation in fashion shows, photoshoots, or related opportunities. Just like our outfits, hair styles can be just as much or if not more a statement piece that places the finishing touches on our overall style. It’s okay to change our choice in fashion, and it’s okay to change our hair style. So the next time you’re putting together an outfit, consider how you can also accessorize your hairstyle!