How to Plan for an Effective and Efficient Photo Shoot Pt. 2

How to Plan for an Effective and Efficient Photo Shoot

Pt. II

Let’s explore more effective, but efficient ways to prepare for a photo shoot! In this post, I will outline action steps to execute an overall successful shoot. If you haven’t read Part 1, catch it here before reading ahead!

1.     You’ve Organized the Outfits, Now it’s Time to Accessorize!

Once you’ve outlined which outfits you would like to shoot, it’s time to accessorize. In the words of Sarah Caton of Space, Place & Southern Grace, “the more accessories, the better!” I remember my first photo shoot was rather difficult because I didn’t fully accessorize my outfits which made my shoot day very limited. I felt that some of my outfits could have shot better if I had a purse, had worn bangles, or a belt. As Sarah always tells me, “Shoot days are when you need to bring it! That means you need to pull out your very best outfits and make sure each one is fully accessorized!” Whether you enjoy wearing belts, necklaces, or vibrant statement earrings, shoot days are a time to put aside your fears of overly accessorizing. While I am not suggesting you should go crazy in pairing each and every bracelet you have with that solid blue dress, you should invest time into bringing each outfit to life through the accessories you have. Busy accessories create interesting photos!

2.     Document Your Completed Outfits

Once each outfit is laid out and fully accessorized, document each one by taking a quick photo. This will help to eliminate any confusion when it comes to placing your outfits in garment bags to then transport to the location of the shoot. By documenting each outfit, you can determine if you want to make any last minute changes. Trust me, I’ve made changes a couple of days prior to my shoot plenty of times!

3.     Iron/Press Pieces (2-3 Nights) Prior to Shoot

One of the worst things you can do is show up to your shoot day with wrinkled clothing. Any blemish or wrinkle will clearly show through the photos. It is so important to pay special attention to each item you bring to your shoot day. For example, if you’re shooting makeup, place emphasize on making sure your brushes, palettes, or other pieces you intend to shoot have been fully cleaned.

4.     Garment Bags Are Your Friend and Keeps Your Outfits Organized

I don’t know what I would do without my garment bags! I couldn’t imagine preparing for my shoot days without them. They make everything easy and keep my shoot days organized. Once you’ve pressed your outfits, all you have to do is place each outfit in its own garment bag. When placing your outfits in their garment bags, also include the shoes you intend to wear with that outfit, along with accessories. I usually place all accessories for that outfit in a Ziploc bag.

5.     After You’ve Completed Your Checklist, It’s Time to Load Up the Car

So you’ve completed every preparation task for your photo shoot and you’re exhausted! Trust me, I know the feeling. You’re not completely done just yet! What you’ll need to do is go ahead and load your car with everything you will need for shoot day the night before the big day. I wouldn’t recommend loading your car the morning of the photo shoot because you need to calculate the time it will take to wake up, do makeup, eat breakfast, have a cup of coffee, and just breathe. You don’t want to add “loading the car” to your to-do list the morning of the shoot. This is coming from someone who has done this and has terribly regretted it!

While I can go on and on outlining tips to prep for a photo shoot, I hope both of these posts have been helpful. When you consider preparing for your shoot, tailor these points to what works best for you. I’m a visual learner so it’s important for me to lay out each and every outfit. What’s so beautiful about the world is that we get to offer our own advice and personal experiences. I hope these tips stick with a least one person who may be facing challenges in preparing for photo shoots. If you are that person, I hope you find these tips useful for your adventures. If you’re not that person, I hope these tips serve as a way for you to incorporate new ideas. Either way, let’s make our shoot day(s) a success!