Strut Your Stuff: MTYA Shoe Style Must-Haves

Strut Your Stuff

MTYA Shoe Style Must-Haves

Shoe styles carry their own personalities and when it comes to selecting some of my favorites, I find myself going for shoes with plenty of color, detail, appearance, design, and let us not forget…comfort. I’ve worn a size 11 my entire life and, at times, it can be difficult to find shoes in my size that speaks to my sense of style, who I am, and who I want to become. All women should be given a variety of options when it comes to shoe selection. I’m outlining some of my shoe favorites in hopes my style will inspire other women who may or may not be faced with limited options when it comes to selecting stylish, practical, and comfortable shoes.

 The Open Toed Block Heel

I don’t know about you, but any heel over 4 inches with a pointed heel makes me cringe! Over time, I’ve realized that pointed heels don’t settle well with my body type along with my “on-the-move” schedule. I found myself breaking heels from left to right and also getting stuck in patches of grass everywhere I went. Upon searching the internet for more heel options, I came across the block heel. I immediately feel in love and started collecting them in various colors such as red, neutral, black, cream, and pink. I enjoy this type of heel because you can wear them every day - formal or casual - and feel comfortable while looking good! I typically wear them while traveling for work in and out of airports, to networking events, drinks with the girls, and more. The heel gives you plenty of room to breathe and space for showing off that fresh pedicure!

The Kitten-Heel Boot

You’re probably thinking, “Why would I wear a kitten heel boot during the Summer?” Let me just tell you, my kitten-heel boots have gotten me from point A to B in no time. I’ve run in these across an airport and volunteered for hours at some of my favorite organizations in these boots. This boot does have a pointy heel, BUT the point is 3 inches or less and is extremely comfortable. I would recommend purchasing the colors white, red, and pink for the summer season. Although, the white kitten-heel boot can go with any outfit and is certainly an attention grabber!

The Palmer Flared Heel Slingback

Speaking of retro and much personality, this heel is by far one of my favorites for Summer! When it comes to style and comfort, this heel is a wonderful selection for having the best of both worlds. This heel gives off a vintage and retro vibe with its detailed pointed toe, unique heel design, along with completed strap. I feel very secure in anything I’m doing whether it’s standing for an extended amount of time or zipping into and out of any type of event when wearing this heel. I would recommend packing this heel type anywhere you go, whether on vacation, work travel, or to enjoy time with friends during cocktail hour. In choosing which color to purchase, always go for the brightly colored palmer flared heel!

The Flat Mule

In selecting flat style shoes, I always enjoy wearing mules! Something about the simplicity, style, and unique detail of a mule has me purchasing these style of flats lately. Mules themselves can be dressed casually or formally (Continue to follow MTYA on how to style the Mule formally!). If you have to choose between floral or solid mules, I would recommend going for the solid style mule so that you pair them with a variety of different outfit options. Additionally, think about choosing a solid colored mule that comes with a fun detail element such as a bow.

Having a hard time deciding which of these shoe styles fits your lifestyle or personality type? I’ve learned that experimenting with various styles has allowed me to provide feedback to other women who also may face limited selections when it comes to their shoe choice. I’m proud to wear a size 11 shoe and I hope you enjoy your shoe size too! Let’s celebrate our shoe sizes and send thanks to the shoe designers who celebrate ALL sizes and styles!