Tips for Taking Style to the Beach

Tips for Taking Style to the Beach

Swimsuits, Accessories + More

I'm currently daydreaming about this past weekend - relaxing on the beach in Clearwater, Florida and soaking up this amazing warm weather in my vintage two-piece. My mom always laughs at me when I tell her what I’m packing to the beach. She always says, “Why do you put so much emphasis into what you’re wearing to the beach?” If you’ve read some of my previous blog posts, you’ve noticed how serious I take my style of dress. My motto is to dress how you feel and to dress in a way that is going to bring you happiness. I believe there are simple ways we can take our beach looks to a new level. I'm sharing some of my personal styling beach tips with you as you prepare for your next beach vacay.

1. Your Beach Glam Begins with the Suit

Two-Piece Recommendations: I’ve realized that my best bathing suit selections have come when I’ve mixed and matched my two-piece suits. When mix-matching your two-piece suits, think about the suits you already own and how you may mix-match them. You may own a variety of solid two-piece and pattern two-pieces. Think about how you can mix-match those patterns to curate an entire new suit. For example, you may own a solid yellow two-piece suit and a black and white polka dot two-piece suite. How would you mix match these two suits? By utilizing the two-piece you already own, you’re curating your own creations and are being resourceful when it comes to utilizing existing pieces in your wardrobe. 

One-Piece Recommendations: What I enjoy most about one-piece bathing suits is that you can put more emphasis into thinking about the accessories you decide to pair with your one-piece suit. For sprucing up your one-piece selection, consider diversifying your choice with solids and patterned one-piece suits such as stripes, gingham, polka dots, or floral. By having a variety of one-piece suits, you’re allowing yourself to experiment with the addition of more accessories.

2. Accessories are a Must for the Beach

Earrings: You’ve selected which suit you’re going to wear to the beach (whether that’s a one-piece or two-piece) and now it’s time to think about your accessories. When I think about accessorizing my suit for the beach, the first thing I consider are my earrings. Typically, I go with earrings that match my bathing suit (whether they’re small studs or larger hoops). For instance, if I’m wearing a two-piece bright orange suit, then I will most likely showcase a bright orange pair of earrings - projecting a monochromatic look. If you’re going more for bright and spunky looks, consider wearing larger earrings such as a pair of pom poms or a decorative pair of earrings such as bold florals. If you’re going more for a subtle or neutral look, consider wearing a pair of silver or gold hoops, studs, or ball earrings. Whether you decide to wear larger statement earrings or smaller neutral earrings, make sure you feel comfortable and confident as you’re relaxing on the beach.

Scarves: Why not add a scarf to your beach look? Whether you’re wearing your scarf in your hair (as a way of controlling your hair from the windy beach) or wearing it around your waist, scarves are a simple and stylish way to diversify your overall beach look. Fun tip: Depending on what size scarf you choose to wear, they’re great for transitioning to “after the beach” wear and also as cover ups. For more tips on styling scarves throughout the summer months, check out this article, “15 Creative Ways to Wear a Scarf in Summer”.

Sunglasses: Not only are sunglasses a MUST for the beach, they reflect a fun way to style your look and protect your eyes against the flaring beach sun. When it comes to your style of sunglasses, challenge yourself to wear either a different shade, shape, or style to the beach. For myself, I enjoy wearing Cat Eye, Round and Floral. Most of these styles compliment a majority of my suits. Not sure which shade or style compliments your style, check out this article from Bustle: “17 Best Sunglasses For the Beach to Shield Your Eyes From The Summer Sun”.

3. Lipstick for the Beach Win

At this point, you probably think I’m crazy for recommending lipstick for the beach, but for myself I think lipstick is a simple bonus for your overall look. Especially, when you come across lipstick shades that are light, hydrating, and also come with a layer of sunscreen protection. I typically will rotate my lipsticks based on the season. For this time of year, I enjoy wearing bright colors such as pinks and brighter reds. For more details on selecting your perfect lipstick color for the beach, check out this article from The Cut: “9 Perfect Lip Colors for the Beach” and also catch this blog post “Yes I wear Lipstick To The Beach + My Top Picks” by Hey Kerri Blog.

4. Stylish Beach Bags Save the Day

If you’re like me, you usually carry a ton of things in your purse everywhere you go. For myself, I tend to carry large straw bags to the beach with plenty of room for storage. In my beach bag, I typically carry my phone, lipstick case, personal mirror, a book or magazine, small radio, beach towel, toiletries, and a water bottle. What’s nice about carrying a beach bag is that you can select ones that match your personality, style, and size (based on what items you choose to bring with you to the beach). Check out these handy tips for beach bah shopping from Elle: “15 Under $50-Beach Bags That Will Make Your Summer”   

Are you feeling beach glam? Writing this post was so much fun because I was able to reflect on what I do as I head to the beach and share these tips to you. It’s important to have fun with your style, including what you choose to wear to the beach. Next time you’re headed to the beach, keep these stylish and beach ready tips in mind! XO.